Antivirus 2019 Security Centre, Just Another Free Antivirus Download to Stay Away From

From fake Adobe Flash updates to fake anti virus programs, Internet users better be careful.

There are few people that haven’t experienced the frustration of encountering a rogue virus. There are millions of them lurking around every corner of the Internet, waiting for an opportunity to execute their mission: To destroy the computer they attach themselves to. There is no greater danger than a rogueware application that disguises itself as an antivirus program. It’s a vicious lie that causes many people to inadvertently destroy a computer that they care enough to protect.

One of these programs that attack computers under the guise of being helpful is called Antivirus 2010 Security centre and has already shown it can infect the new windows 7 operating system. Internet users can encounter this virus in many different ways. It might infect a computer through pop-ups, fake Adobe flash updates, or banners. The program uses Trojan applications to destroy computers that become infected. These Trojan applications often leave the dreaded Antivirus 2010 Security Centre on a computer, along with all the spyware and adware that’s included with the virus.

Unlike many of these malicious “antivirus” programs, Antivirus 2010 Security Centre doesn’t even trick users into downloading it. It simply invites itself into a computer system and begins damaging the computer with any knowledge by the user.

There are a few hallmark signs of the Antivirus 2010 Security Centre. This antivirus software 2010 triggers a fake system scan to begin, showing that your computer is deeply infected with all sorts of viruses that aren’t even there. The real virus is the security system itself, which tries to threaten you into purchasing it. Not only does the virus destroy your computer, but it actually attempts to have you pay for the destruction. It doesn’t get any more malicious than that.

What the developers of this software do is destroy computers. They not only destroy computers but try to fool people into paying money to the very people that destroyed the computer. Always beware of unprompted “security warnings.” Verify that they come from a legitimate source. If you see security scans and virus warnings even though you haven’t done a virus scan, it’s likely one of these rogueware programs attempting to take over your computer. Don’t download anything until you know what the program is, and if you suspect you’ve already become infected with the virus, seek antivirus help to remove the threat and restore the safety of your computer.

There are many scammers and cyber criminals attempting to make an extra buck, or just plain cause destruction of a computer, but with knowledge and vigilance, it’s possible to stop the attacks before the damage is too great.

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