Antivirus Solution Pro: Major Computer Virus Spreading Fast! Stage 5 Alert Underway

If you’ve never heard of Antivirus Solution Pro, or you’re considering downloading this software, please beware. It has been identified as one of the many harmful programs used by cyber criminals to hijack and destroy computers. If you ever see anything from Antivirus offering to help protect your computer against viruses, ignore the offer.

Antivirus has been classified as rogueware, a form of cyber threat that enters a computer system by way of malware or Trojans. The program takes over the computer without permission and begins doing sometimes permanent damage to the system. The attack made by this rogueware is extremely sneaky. A visitor might enter a Web site that advertises Antivirus, inadvertently click on a link, and the program will automatically begin downloading to a visitor’s computer. This vicious attack can mean the end of a computer altogether.

Antivirus comes from a family of trouble-making software programs. Its relatives are Antivirus Soft and AV Security Suite, which cause trouble for millions of Internet users every year. Each program works a little differently but the end result is the same: The destruction of a computer. These programs are not legitimate virus protection or virus protection at all.

Antivirus has a distinct behavior pattern after it has been installed. Be alert for these signs:

– A fake system scan begins

– Fake warnings will alert you to privacy and security risks to your computer

– Antivirus offers an easy solution to these problems

The problem with this scenario is that the threats aren’t real. They’re a ploy to get victims to download the Antivirus Solution Pro software. It’s actually Antivirus that is causing the computer to malfunction in the first place. If someone downloads Antivirus  to take care of the solutions, their system will become unstable. No threats will be fixed because there were no real threats detected by the phony scan. Once Antivir is on a computer system, it causes drastic performance slowdowns and severe instability of the system.

As we always mention on the Antivirus Help Center, it’s imperative that Internet users be aware of the of free antivurs software found all over the internet so that they can avoid the havoc it unleashes on a computer system. A few additional items of interest are that the software is sometimes called Antivirus Solution, with the word pro left out. These are the same programs and both will cause damage to your computer. They are not real antivirus programs.

No matter where users come across this frustrating virus on many Web sites across the Internet, users will be greeted with the same kind of behavior from Antivirus Solution: The fake scans and alerts. Even if the name of the product is Antivirus, it can also be advertised as Antivirus Soft.

There are certain Web sites that you should never visit under any circumstances. Stay away from antispybox(dot)com, webantispy(dot)com, and antivirstat(dot)net. None of these Web sites offer legitimate antivirus services, and all of these Webs sites can damage your computer. This list isn’t all-inclusive. Thousands of other Web sites are out there that can do harm to your computer. Here’s a glimpse of one of these malicious sites:

There are things you can check on your computer to make sure that Antivirus isn’t already affecting your computer. Look for the AntivirSolution.exe process file. If it’s there, you’re infected, but you can also be infected even if that file doesn’t show up. There are sometimes just random characters before the .exe command, so that it’s completely disguised.

There are a few simple rules to remember when encountering this devastating virus:

1. Antivir is a virus itself. It can’t detect viruses or malware and it can’t remove them from your system. This is not real antivirus help.

2. If you install this program, it can slow down or even destroy your computer.

3. AV security Suite is the same program as antivir. Don’t download it either.

4. Find the best antivirus for Windows 7 or whatever system you use. If you don’t need the best antivirus for Windows 7, select the operating system you need protection for.

There are legitimate anti-virus programs on the Internet. Most of them have gained a solid reputation on the Internet. Be smart and browse online to find real antivirus help that can protect you from rogueware like Antivir Solution Pro. You can find plenty of information about best antivirus 2010 programs on this site as well get great information on free and useful tips that can provide you additional virus protection. See our Antivirus Solutions page for our list of reccomended Antivirus software.

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