Computer Virus Infection alert! Thinkpoint virus removal available here!

A pop-up message reading “Microsoft Security Essentials Alert” is the prompt that enables ThinkPoint, a malicious computer program, to infect users’ systems. This fraudulent message, unknowable to the user, allows for a Trojan file to be downloaded and installed in their system automatically. This file can be disguised as one of two file types, hotfix.exe or mstsc.exe. Users should be aware that Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 or 2.0 has no affiliation with this fraudulent Microsoft Security Essentials Alert.

The purpose of this fraudulent alert message is to give the virus a legitimate-sounding cover like Microsoft Security Essentials. The program shows the user several made-up infections, making the user think that these infections are now on their computer in order to manipulate them into buying ThinkPoint to get rid of them.

This fraudulent alert message works by showing the user a list of tools that detect and remove malware and making them think their computer has an infection from “Unknown Win32/Trojan”. 30 out of the 35 tools listed are genuine security programs, which further helps to trick the user. Some of the illegitimate and fabricated security tools listed include ThinkPoint Virus, Quick Defragmentor, Major Defense Kit, Peak Protection 2010, Red Cross Antivirus, Security Essentials 2011, Pest Detector 4.1, AntiSpy Safeguard, and Security Inspector 2010.

This malicious program is made to trick users into setting up the malicious fraudulent programs, such as Security Essentials 2019, Quick Defragmentor, and Security Inspector 2019. Once these are installed, these programs will infect the system behind the scenes, inspecting the computer and creating fabricated reports of malware that need removing. The user will be told that in order to remove these infections they will have to purchase the program in its entire version. A system infected with ThinkPoint Virus will be susceptible to assaults because the virus impairs the function of the computer and then prevents the user from being able to access security or anti-virus software that can help them rid them of the infection.

In order to keep your computer from suffering from the effects of these infections, it is a good idea to find a genuine security program from our inventory of these programs. As an alternative, you can contact us toll-free at our phone number.

If you bought the malicious ThinkPoint Virus software, let your credit card company know and ask them to refund the charges to you. An detection tool that can work automatically to target and remove it from your system would be your best defense against this program. Alternatively, you may be able to manually remove it.

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