Ever wonder who has been looking at your Facebook profile? If so, you’re not alone- and some of the newest scammers out there are taking advantage of this Facebook curiosity.

A recent application scam on the popular social website Facebook lures users into “finding out” who has been viewing their Facebook page. Once the user attempts to try out the application, the same scam is sent out to all of the user’s friends as an invitation to try the application themselves. Many of the scams are even accompanied by pictures of each victim’s friends in order to appear more viable.

Each attempt to “continue” forward and use the application will expose the victim to more advertisements and more Facebook apps, sending profits to the scammers.

There is currently no application within the Facebook social network to find out who has been viewing your profile.

Many believe that the growing number of application scams on Facebook will only be resolved by the use of an app-vetting scheme. Rik Ferguson, a senior security consultant from Trend Micro, warns Facebook users that he has already identified 25 versions of this same scam.

Facebook security reacted quickly to the scam, removing the threat on Sunday 3/14 in a timely manner. However, Ferguson does not believe these efforts are sufficient. A similar scam called, “Who is checking your profile” was eliminated from the Facebook network in mid-February, indicating that reactive measures may not be enough to protect Facebook users.

There’s a moral to this story, you curious Facebook users: get over yourselves! No one is stalking your Facebook page, they’re all too busy looking at their own pages. So if you can’t resist these fraudulent apps, then you probably deserve the consequences.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you may be at risk:

Do you ever open emails from unknown senders?
When was the last time you scanned your computer for viruses?
Do you have a 2010 version of antivirus protection installed in your computer?
Does your computer feel bogged down? Is it running slower than the day you purchased it?
Is your personal information (such as date of birth, hometown, names of family members, etc.) readily available on any of the social networking sites?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you may be at serious risk!

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