Approximately 9 million users on the popular social website Facebook actively use an application known as Farm Town on a monthly basis. These users are being redirected to “clean their system” by a fake antivirus software advertisement. They will then be redirected outside of the Facebook network through several external domains, and will land on a website selling fake antivirus software.

Farm Town’s developer, SlashKey, has placed a notice on their website stating that they have notified their developers of the problem and are working to resolve the issue. Noteworthy: the developer also states that, “Most good antivirus/malware programs will catch and quarantine this malware.” Another friendly reminder from your concerned editors at the Antivirus Help Center to purchase inexpensive and effective protection for your computer today!

Fake antivirus malware works by alarming users with notification of a false infection on their computer, and encouraging them to download the software, which is generally (as in this case) completely ineffective. Consumers are tricked into paying for the fake software, for fear that their computer is already infected, and will then have trouble receiving a refund or contacting the false company in any way upon realizing the software is fake.

Facebook users, protect yourselves from this and future attacks and select one of the products on our website today. And in the meantime, be wary of any and all messages and applications you are using on your favorite social networks.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you may be at risk:

Do you ever open emails from unknown senders?
When was the last time you scanned your computer for viruses?
Do you have a 2010 version of antivirus protection installed in your computer?
Does your computer feel bogged down? Is it running slower than the day you purchased it?
Is your personal information (such as date of birth, hometown, names of family members, etc.) readily available on any of the social networking sites?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you may be at serious risk!

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Emily Shieldings – Covers internet security issues, malicious threats, computer virus threats from all around the world, and general technology breaking news for Antivirus Help Center.

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