The senior research director of ESET, Jeff Debrosse, was recently interviewed and provided some great insight to the current landscape of cyber crimes and we though we should share some of them with you. He mentions that his business is very steady as the kinds of crimes being committed in the cyber world are not showing any signs of stopping or slowing at any rate.

It is very important to have the knowledge and the caution when using certain kinds of processes to make sure the operating systems, the internet browser and all other PC applications are always working properly. It is important to have the proper online security products, which should be the latest versions and should provide users with confidence that the electronic information is protected from all kinds of any internet threats.

Debrosse mentioned that their company was working very hard at trying to keep all kinds of Malware from getting into the computers in the first place, and that the most common ways are through the e-mails, websites, and they also sell gateway products that help their clients avoid these Malware from getting in their systems.

The best defense against these kinds of threats is not to open an attachment or a file, never download anything from the internet and never visit any other website that is linked, however, that is no fun at all. There is so much out there that you want to explore and to do so its recommended that you have some protection installed into your PC.

We will have to take the practical approach. This means to be cautions when opening a file. Do you know the person that sent you this e-mail? What is the language that is being used on the e-mail? You may get an e-mail from a friend which was only sent to get to your computer in the first place. However, we do not have the time to go looking at all these points and therefore, the best solution to these kinds of problems would be for you to delete the e-mail.

Debrosse also mentioned in his interview that it was a real challenge to their business to keep up with the treats. They have some very sophisticated scanning engines which they need to run on very regular basis to make sure they stay ahead in the business.

It is important to note that some of these threats do actually come from other websites as well, and because they all work differently in your computer, it is most important to have prevention software installed which will not allow you to run a program in the first place. Debrosse also mentioned that these threats did not really worked for a specific area or business community and they were targeted to the consumer in general.

To conclude, The Antivirus Help Center has found out over the years that the best defense against cyber crimes is made up of two parts. The first part is to make sure your computer is running an updated antivirus software in your PC. (We provide a list of the ones we have tested and found to be the best, See Chart.) The second part is what we call using good computer common sense. That means not opening unknown email with too good to be true special offers, don’t download programs from sites without verifying if the site is safe, and if you’re on a social network site make sure you have you guards up. You can always send us an email if you have any questions or concern, we answer all emails usually within 24 hours. (It’s Free!)

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