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What is Gmail? Gmail is a free online email service that allows us to send and receive emails, instant messages, make phone calls and even video chat from anywhere there is internet access. It is a free webmail service provided by Google that offers email, file sharing, Google Search, video chat and more.

Email and video chat are services of communication provided by Google Mail. Email is a system of sending and receiving mail electronically. By using Google Mail you can type messages to one or more individuals. You can share files such as photos, videos, PDFs and other documents. Google Mail allows file up to 10 GB to be sent. You can search for items in you inbox or for information on the web by using the easy access Google search bar.

The video chat service known as Google + provides the opportunity to chat with up to nine people. It allows you to simultaneously use other social networking sites such as YouTube and it allows others to be your screen through Screen share option. Google Mail is a great way to stay connected with others such as family, friends, coworkers, employers, businesses and corporations. In addition all of this can be accessed on the go with the mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.

Online guidance is required to understand the basic and advanced features of Gmail. Customer service (via phone) is required to clear doubts. Online assistance is required to solve common and complicated issues (listed below).



  • Error with server
  • Unable to login
  • Not allowing to sign in or attach files
  • Spam emails coming into inbox
  • Error while sending or receiving email messages
  • Security issue
  • Hacking of email account / account keeps getting compromised
  • Account recovery options not working or security question is different
  • 2 step verification not working or how to implement 2 step verification
  • Accidentally deleted important email message or accidentally sent email message to wrong person
  • Unable to start video voice chat
  • Unable to send mail
  • And more

All of the above issues are solved by experienced technical representatives. Our customer care center offers quick help and user friendly customer service. Technical representatives (working in our customer care center) offer online solutions, assistance and guidance on hot questions like how to setup Gmail in Outlook, how to sync Gmail contacts with iCloud, and more.



  • Common and complicated issues are solved in less time.
  • Cases are resolved by technical representatives in less time (on top level priority).
  • All types of security issues & problems are solved by representatives.
  • You can call our representatives any time from any place for any reason.
  • Our representatives are always ready to help Gmail users.
  • And more

Our technicians have massive amount of troubleshooting experience. Technicians are able to solve all types of security, configuration, sync and compatibility issues. Our team of experienced technicians offers instant help and solutions to all Gmail users. You are most welcome to contact the technicians at any time.



  • Shortcut to get instant help for Google Mail is – Dial the given technical support phone number.
  • Customer Service via phone
  • Online chat support
  • Remote assistance (online tools of remote assistance)
  • Password recovery tools
  • Dedicated email support


  • 100% reliable and accurate solutions are delivered by representatives.
  • 24/7 helpdesk support.
  • Extremely complicated security issues are resolved on top priority level.
  • Solutions are offered by experienced and technically sound technicians.
  • Rate of customer satisfaction (C-SAT score) is 100%.