Has Your Website Been Hacked? Google can Help!

The latest threat of hacking websites may indicate that 1-2% of all websites are hacked, according to Google’s Matt Cutts. Hackers, responding to the security improvements in personal computer software, have begun to target internet servers. And this trend will most likely grow.

“A really scary trend is happening,” says Cutts. He goes on to explain that as personal computer software, such as Windows Vista and Windows 7 are getting better about protecting your computer, hackers will instead begin to target your web server. “I’ve seen Donald Trump’s site hacked, I’ve seen Al Gore’s site hacked. All sorts of stuff. And they get sneakier and sneakier” said Cutts in video from the Google I/O 2010 conference on YouTube, which can also be seen on mattcutts.com/blog.

The major downside of this threat for those who own and operate their own internet website, is that once the Google crawler discovers that your site has been hacked, Google will drop your site from search rankings even for relevant search terms or products.Some of these hackers are seeking to place malware on your website, which will give the site visitors a false warning upon entry to the site. The false warning will then will offer the user a fraudulent anti-virus program (for a significant nominal fee) to resolve the issue, which will then download a virus or spyware onto the user’s personal PC.

The solution? Google Webmaster Tools. This easy to use and extremely thorough web program will enable you to scan the content on your site for hacker content or embedded hacked links that have been placed on your site without your knowledge. Unbelievably enough, registration of your website on Google Webmaster Tools, and use of its features, is free. Google Webmaster Tools has been around for awhile, but the site is continuously updated with new services available to address ever-changing issues and needs in the web industry. There is a diagnostic section/feature in the Webmaster Tools, which will scan your site for any malware hidden on any of the pages of your site. Other features include: a viewing of all the search queries, keywords and links to your site (a listing of any strange or inapprorpriate keywords may also be an indication of potential hacking.) If you own a website and you have not registered it with Google Webmaster Tools, the Antivirus Help Center strongly advises you to register it immediately and utilize the services offered.

Your website may be hacked and you don’t even know it! You can literally find this out within minutes of registering with Google Webmaster Tools, and you can also find out if any of the links on your site are broken, if the Google crawler has located any other problems on your site. Please see the link below to register your site with Google Webmaster today.
Google Webmaster tools : http://www.google.com/webmasters/

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