Hotmail Customer Service

Hotmail Customer Service

Email is the quickest way to send and receive messages to your business partners and colleagues in few seconds. Hence business is totally depends on Email service. As there are various companies like Yahoo, Google and many other those have offered their email services. But Hotmail is the best and customer oriented email service offered by MSN few years back. It is very easy to use, free and customized web- based email service. This is only the reason, customers love to make Hotmail as their business email account. This honour goes to MSN that has offered us amazing email platform with large storage capacity, voice and video chat interface, payment synopsis and many more.


Hence this email service is getting thousands of recommendations on daily basis thus Hotmail user’s increases day by day to avail high quality email service.


Despite being a high quality web-based email service, Hotmail users have to meet technical hassles while using their email account. The customers are not well aware about the resolutions steps thus customers get disappointed.


They get diverted from their respective work and unnecessary waste their time. So it is recommended that they must contact to a third party Hotmail customer service provider to get the best possible technical resolution steps. They can get solved their Hotmail account technical errors in very short time.


What can you get from Hotmail Customer Service?


As Hotmail is the safest, easiest and customer oriented email service but sometimes its users have to suffer with technical errors associated with that. The most common technical errors are as follows:


  • Hotmail account “Sign in” and “Sign up” issues.
  • Hotmail password recovery.
  • Hotmail password reset.
  • Configure Hotmail account on different electronic devices.
  • How to add Hotmail account in Outlook.
  • Junk and spam email errors.
  • Send/receive email issues.
  • File attachment problems.
  • Hotmail account hacking issues and many more.


If you are experiencing technical glitches as discussed above then immediately contact to a third party Hotmail Customer Service. You can get solutions for the Hotmail issues in very short time with the help of dedicated and experienced technical advisers.


Hotmail Customer Support for “Sign up” issue.


Are you not able to “sign up” a new Hotmail account? Are you getting difficulties while performing the task? No worry! Follow the below given steps to create a new email account:

  • A user must browse to create a Hotmail. As the page is loading you will get a page having registration option. Now you should click on the “Register now” option for those who do not have a Microsoft appears. By clicking, access the registration form for the account.
  • Fill the Hotmail “Registration form” as per required information. On the form you have to place the private user data, and also information required to create the account. Name, date of birth, gender, country and zip code data required for account creation.
  • Then, come the details of the account that you have to choose a name, which is accompanied by enlargement, and you also have to choose a password that will be used to access the account when created.
  • Another important step involves incorporating the data, if ever you forget a password, and there are opportunities to retrieve it. Some of the options are: include a phone number, and select an alternative mail address will be linked to this new account. Another option may be to choose a security question with an answer to it.
  • The final step is to press the “OK” button to complete the process, thereby obtaining the count.


Hotmail Customer Support Toll Free Number: –


The Hotmail users preferred to contact to a third party technical support service provider because:


  • Error will be resolved by experienced and certified technical advisers
  • 24*7 customers support
  • Techies are dedicated towards their task
  • Several phone lines are available so that the customers can connect easily
  • Email and chat Hotmail customer support is available
  • Latest technologies are used to fixed technical errors and many more

Hotmail Customer Care

Enjoy a renowned customer care service with the shortest time with excellent customer satisfaction. Make your Hotmail account trouble free by choosing the best assistance through Hotmail Customer Care. There are various kinds of problem which troubles Hotmail users has to go through while working on it. So for that intention, we with the support of our dedicated technical experts are on our feet all the time to provide you an immediate technical solution.


What is Hotmail?


Hotmail is one the biggest web based Email service provider in the world. It was founded in 1996 and acquired by Microsoft Inc. in 1997. Launched as MSN Hotmail and rebranded as windows live Hotmail in 2011. It has several innovative features such as Recalling, Preview panel, Voice chat, Video Chat, Windows live mail, Quick views, Remote Spell, and so on. It gives the Email facilitates to you for sending and receiving mail from any part of the world.

Some of its noticeable features are:-

Using Syncing feature, you can access other email account like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook

  • Windows Live Mail
  • Cloud storage
  • Large collection capacity of files, document, photos and contact
  • Email management
  • Auto email completion


However, plenty of Hotmail feature, so it is obvious that the numerous sorts of issues and error also occur. Then, the most interactive option you to fix the Hotmail issues via contact Hotmail Customer Care Toll Free Number. You can call on this number which is available at 24/7 days throughout the year. By dialing on it, you get prompt solutions and step by step guidance for various Hotmail technical hassles from our proficient and experienced technical expert.

Some Common Problems:-

  • Can’t access Hotmail mail on mobile devices
  • Unable to send or receive mail on your mobile or desktop
  • Issue related to Installation & configuration of Hotmail account
  • Increasingly full inbox or message is getting slow in your inbox
  • Downloading & file attachment issue
  • Receive an error message when forgot password.
  • Hotmail security change issues
  • Unable to fix the filter, phishing & junk emails issue
  • Hotmail hacked account problem
  • Unable to block unwanted email address
  • Hotmail password reset issue
  • Getting an error message while recovery password
  • Issue of the Window live mail
  • Recovery issue of contact & message

Hotmail Customer Care Toll Free Number:-

You can resolve these issues efficiently by calling at Hotmail Customer Care Toll Free Number. It’s a very reliable way you get the expeditious solution. We are third party technical support provider and providing the customer care service to you for your Hotmail technical issues. We have a team of technicians who provide customer services 24/7 days through this number to you which including free of cost services and premium options.

Why Choose Our Services:-

    • For 24*7 Hotmail Customer Care services
    • Remote support services
    • To get an instant resolution at a reasonable price
    • 100 % customer satisfaction
    • Reliable and cost effective solutions

Although, with an efficient amount of experience backed by knowledgeable experts, we will assure you a quick resolution at an affordable cost. Simply call at our Hotmail Customer Care Toll Free Number and avail the best assistance from us.