Hotmail Password Recovery

Hotmail Password Recovery

Hotmail is billed as the highly prestigious web mail service on earth. Hotmail debuted nearly two decades ago but is still shining as it is unleashed yesterday. Hotmail fans consider it to be the best web mail service of the millennium.


Generally any Hotmail account has two keys. First key is username while second key is the password linked with that username. Both of these keys or say credentials have to be typed on the Hotmail log in screen / page in order to access e-mail account.


Confusions with similar e-mail account usernames create havoc. But most importantly confusions with password create permanent loss to one Hotmail account. Only Hotmail Password Recovery is the good old lifeline to rescue that Hotmail account.


If you’re a Hotmail account user & access to it is in jeopardy due to password loss then immediately go for password recovery by reading the steps just below:


First of all kindly launch the Hotmail log-in web page on any web browser available.


After the Hotmail sign-in web page is perfectly loaded, just click the option that says “Can’t access your account?”


Clicking that option will direct you to a new page showing the options of trouble scenarios.


Stick with the first option that states “I forgot my password” in order to continue the process of Hotmail Password Recovery.


Click to select that option. Also, click “Next” button to proceed.


A new page will get opened. Now type your full Hotmail address in the appropriate field. Also type an exact match of thecharacters / numbers in the second field. Click “Next” button to continue.


On the new page, choose a verification method. It can be your alternative email address or the unique code on Microsoft account application or unique code on your registered mobile number.


Select any one of the above methods to create a new password for the Hotmail account if registered with it. If not then click the option of “I don’t have any of these”.


Answering these questions correctly will grant the total control of the Hotmail account back to the user.


Hope the above information helps you getting the access of your precious Hotmail account once again. If there is some confusion while doing the password reset of Hotmail account then please avail online live assistance.


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