How to change Webroot settings?

While using your Webroot Antivirus software, you may have to get in a situation where you feel urgency for changing your Webroot settings. It might be regarding access control setting or you need to change the setting of preferences. It can be changing shield settings or firewall settings. Even changing back or sync settings could be your issue. Therefore you must have clear understanding about how to change those settings in the right way.

Regarding setting access control

When your computer has free access to many people, it is your urgent need to set some permission which will provide or deny access to certain functions. This measure will also protect you PC from malware which is a threat to change settings in Secure Anywhere You need to open Secure Anywhere and click Advanced Settings in the right upper corner. Now click Access Control in the setting panel and select checkbox to disable or activate whatever you want for the change of the setting. After it is done, select save.

Setting different preferences

You have the options for setting various preferences for the password manager. You can have settings regarding the hotkeys you can use for availing shortcuts. You can also set preference for how notifications will appear. First, you are to ensure that you are logged in to your Secure Anywhere account. Now select the Webroot Secure Anywhere Support  icon in your browser’s toolbar and then enter your Secure Anywhere user name and password. From the menu of Secure Anywhere, select preference. Now you can change the preferences as the options will appear to you and after it is done click ok.

Regarding changing shield settings

If you are an advanced user, shield settings can provide you with a bit more control on shield functions. For disabling shields, you are to open Secure Anywhere and select the gear icon next to PC Security. The Scan & Shields panel will display the shields on the right. Now you can disable a shield by clicking the green button. Now for changing the shield settings open Secure Anywhere and select Advanced Settings. Now click Shields to display the Shield Settings panel and select checkbox to disable or activate if you want change in setting and when it is done click save.

Regarding changing firewall settings

For changing firewall alert settings, again you are to open Secure Anywhere and select Advanced Settings. Now select firewall on the left. A list of firewall settings will appear. Now select your preferred settings and click save.

For changing Backup & Sync Settings

These are the settings which come as default settings. But you can adjust the size limit of files to upload or allow a file upload to run while your PC is on battery power.

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