How to Get HP Office Printers Support

Hewlett Packard printers are well known for being possibly the best made printers in the business.  They have been making printers for home offices since the home computer revolution began.  They know what they are doing and they do not cut corners on quality.  It is quite common to have an HP printer last so long that the problem is not the printer but that technology advances so it is difficult to hook them up to modern PCs.  They are just that durable.


It is not too difficult to find a local distributor to buy an HP office printer.  If you work for a large business that has a supplier of other office supplies, they either represent HP or they can get you in touch with a salesman who can come to the office you work in to make the sale.  The downside of that kind of purchase is salesmen that support business accounts often need to make larger sales to give you a good deal.  But if you have a purchasing department who handles printers, ink, paper and other supplies, you can often get a printer as part of a larger order and get a good deal.


If you want to buy a printer for your home office, you may still be able to benefit from that office supplier relationship at your work.  Many times a large business can offer to their employees the ability to buy computers, printers or other equipment using the relationship they have with their suppliers and get a great deal because of their ability to bargain with vendors.  Check with your supervisor or with the HR department


 Because if there is an employee purchase program, they will know about it.


HP uses a network of authorized resellers of their products that you can connect with to buy your next HP printer.  You can find a list of those retail outlets on the HP website.  Or if you just call or visit your local office supply stores, which will tell you right away if they sell HP printers.  Very often big office supply businesses like Staples, Office Depot of CompUSA are authorized resellers of HP printers.  The good thing about buying from a local company is you have a business location to bring the printer back to if you have any problems with it.


This does not keep you from shopping online or looking for a good used printer for your home office.  The internet is very often a place you can get a great deal on an HP printer and still get the same quality product you would have got buying from a local outlet.  You save some money because online merchants don’t have the overhead of a brick and mortar store and employees.  But that savings may be eaten up by the shipping and handling costs.  If the printer arrives damaged, it could become quite a trial to get it repaired.


Weight all of these options before you make your final purchase.  But by shopping all venues for new and used HP printers, you will get a good feel for what a good price looks like.  As long as you don’t compromise your insistence that the printer you get is HP and that it comes with all of the warranties and HP support still in place, you will get a good printer that will serve your needs for many years.


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