How to Setup HP Wireless Color LaserJet Printers

When it comes to buying a new printer for your home office, the decision about whether to go with an inkjet, a black and white laser printer or a color printer is often a question of price.  But not only is it often worth the extra investment to get a color LaserJet, if you take the next step to a wireless printer, that opens up all kinds of great possibilities for you.

When you get a hp color LaserJet printer, instead of one printer cartridge, you usually have four of them.  Each one handles various colors and the printer knows how to mix them when you have shades you are looking for.  Sometimes it is easy to dismiss the idea of buying a color printer because the majority of your printing will be black and white text.  But there are two good reasons to go ahead and buy a color printer when you are making that initial investment.

First of all, technology phases out old models and the up to date models usually have extra functions that we don’t think we need.  So it is quite likely that black and white LaserJet printers will be obsolete in a few years.  So rather than have a printer in your office that will no longer be supported, by investing in a modern color model of printer, you will be able to get it repaired and find toner for it as long as it serves your needs.

The second reason to buy a color LaserJet is that it is better to have more features than less and when the time comes you do need

HP  a color printer, you have the technology at your disposal.  We all grow in how we use our home computer systems so as the internet offers more opportunities for graphics, having a color printer handy makes that transition to more sophisticated printing options easy to take.

The latest innovation in LaserJet printers is the wireless model.  This should come as no surprise as we have had a wireless mouse option available for a while.  The wireless printer works in a very similar way.  There are transmission and receiving units that you connect to the USB connection on your computer.  The printer cable is actually a USB communicator that you connect to your wireless color LaserJet printer.

The range these printers have from the computer is pretty amazing.  You can actually set up your wireless printer in another room so you can keep your printing supplies there and have the output from your work come out where it is more convenient to the people who will use it.  In fact, this new technology is so flexible that the printer cable that is used to control your wireless printer can be used for other wireless devices that you can control from your computer.

You can see that going to a wireless color LaserJet printer is a great next step in making your office more versatile and up to date.  You have lots of ways to set up your office and lots of new types of printing jobs that you can consider since you have the color option at your disposal.  Not only is this more efficient, its lots more fun too.

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