How to Uninstall Webroot Completely From a PC?

Webroot offers of range of products such as firewall, antivirus and security software that offers protection against different types of online and offline threats. However, customers may need to uninstall the program in certain cases. This may happen if the program may not work properly or they may want to install a new version of the product. It is not easy to remove it completely from computer and that is why webroot offers two clean up to tools to customers. These are meant to help eliminate the remnants of Webroot completely from the computer.

Here is how to go about it:

  • You can start by going to the control panel. You can either type control panel in the search box or click the start button and then choose control panel.
  • In the control panel choose the option uninstall a program and then select webroot.
  • Now click start and then choose computer and then select properties. Go to system protection and then select create in order to set a system restore point.
  • Now open your web browser and choose clean WDF tool. This will be available in the website of webroot. Choose the program to your desktop.
  • Open the”CleanWDF.exe” file by double seeking on the file that you saved on the desktop. When the cleaning is over you should restart your computer. If you don’t receive the prompt to restart your computer you can do it manually.
  • Again download the “WRUpgradeTool” file and save to your desktop. Now, follow the onscreen instructions to remove any remnants of the antivirus from your computer. When the tool finishes the clean-up process, restart your computer.

If you still have any problems in completing the uninstall process of webroot from your computer contact Webroot Customer Support Number Team. The solution provided here is tried and tested and should be able to take care of your problem. However, if you are not much acquainted with the working of webroot the toll free help line number will enable you to get in touch with the technical support team who will provide you with acquired assistance. It is essential that you get in touch with the technical associates as they alone can resolve minute problems which need precision and efficiency available only with the tech support team.

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