Mozilla Firefox Pop Up Blocker not Working

Why the hell Mozilla Firefox Pop up Blocker not Working? Question is hot on internet. Every question is made to be answered.  This question also needs a fitting reply. Pop-up or Pop-up ads are types of online advertising done on world wide web built to tempt web traffic or capture email addresses. Generally these are unopened browser windows showing advertisements. Such unnecessary windows are originated by security loopholes / vulnerabilities in web browser security. Pop-up ads create interruption in regular surfing. Such ads are undesired & create a mess while doing official work on web. Sudden launching of pop-up ads creates a negative impression on others sometimes.

What to do if Mozilla Firefox Pop up Blocker not Blocking all Pop ups:

  • Generally this incident is caused by malware. To remove such incidents out of life, kindly launch Firefox.
  • Now go to ‘add-ons’ > ‘extensions’ to remove suspicious entries.
  • Also visit Control Panel > Programs in order to remove all toolbars & unwanted software.
  • It’s recommended to scan entire device & network by launching Anti-Virus software if deployed.
  • Un-installing web browser & then re-installing it is also beneficial.

Settings of Pop-up Blocker on Firefox Browser:

1. Click the menu button to select “Options”.


2. Now select the “Content” tab and click “Block pop-up windows”.


3. Click “Exceptions” to allow the displaying of desired pop-ups.


Hope the above information works. If still this problem of pop up blocker not stopping pop ups goes on then kindly do written next.

Ensure that pop-ups are getting from Firefox or not.

  • If location bar is with site identity button (warning triangle, padlock or a globe) then it can be concluded that pop-up is coming from Firefox.
  • If not then this issue is caused by malware. Remove it to resolve this glitch once & for all.

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