Pop Up Blocker Not Working on Torch Browser

“Disable unwanted ads on your Torch browser in very short time”

Have you tired with unwanted ads in your Torch browser? Do you want to enable Pop up blocker on Torch browser? Is Pop up blocker not working on Torch browser? Don’t be panic! We will help you out from this troublesome situation.

Advertising in browsers, not only interferes with normal browsing, but also can significantly reduce the speed of their downloads. Moreover – in the advertising banners can hide viruses that can damage your computer. You can use the built-in capabilities of the browser to turn off advertising on the Internet.

How To Disable/Block Popup on Torch Browsers

To disable the Pop ups you must disable the download of images and sounds. You can do this in the program settings. For example, in Torch browser –

Click on the menu “Tools” -> “Internet Options.”

In the window that opens, select the “Advanced” tab.

Are you interested in setting “Multimedia“. Remove the check mark beside the point “show images”, “play sounds, animations.” Apply the changes. By disabling this setting, websites will not be able to display images and sounds or videos. Information pages will load faster. But then you will not see the images you want, or cannot watch.

If you do not fit the first method, you can disable the ads by using special plug-ins. Download and install the plug-in for your Torch browser Flash block. This add-blocks any Flash content on the site. Enable plug-ins in the browser, you will forget about POP-UPS, FLASHING BANNERS, COMMERCIALS. Most likely you will stop working browser games. After installing the plug-in you will be required to allow the site to download the flash where it is really needed.

If you want to completely remove the ads from your browser, install the plug-in Ad-block plus. This add-in includes all the possible types of advertising: text, banner, popup, videos and other species. You need to download the plug-in for your Torch browser.

Supplement has a number of options that will help you to turn off unnecessary advertising, leaving useful blocks. You can add sites to the white or black list at any time. When blocking a pop-up message icon appears in the address bar, which enables you to allow blocked content to block or always on this site. Disabling advertising significantly accelerate the speed of access to Internet resources.

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