Problems in installing the Webroot Secure Anywhere Products

The Webroot Secure Anywhere is a cloud-based Anti-Virus security software that protects your PC from various detrimental viruses and malwares which can cause severe harm to your machine. It not only stops worms and viruses from infecting your system but also blocks all the harmful websites while you have net-surfing, in order to protect your PC.

Spywares are always a substantial threat for your operating system and it can steal your private information to send somebody else. Here Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus provides you the real defence that you need to protect your machine.It detects and removes already lodged malwares by scanning the data and removing them. That is why this anti-virus software is a great need and help for you.

We as a most reliable customer service provider for the Webroot Secure Anywhere often find our customers in difficulties while installing the anti-virus for their PCs. In such a situation we are always ready to provide you all kinds of support so that you can do it by yourself by following our guidance and instructions.

Installing the Webroot Secure Anywhere software

First you will be sent an Webroot install invitation e-mail from Webroot administrator containing a customer link. But if you use a link to the generic Webroot install file, then you need to enter your key code during the process of installation.

By Using the customized Webroot install file

In this process your Webroot account keycode is included as part of the path name by the customized Webroot install file, which you will get from the Webroot install invitation email sent to you by your Webroot administrator. There you will get the detailed instructions along with.

1) First you need to download the Webroot Secure AnywhereEndpoint Protection software from the link given there.

2) After being prompted you are to select Save

3) Then you are to run the download file

The software will be immediately installed and make you feel secured. You can find now a small Webroot icon on your system tray.

By Using the generic Webroot install file

If you usea link to the generic Webroot install file, you need to work a little more.

1) First you need to download the Secure Anywhere generic installer file. Thewsasme.exe file will appear on your screen.

2) Then you need to click to open the file. The Installation page will appear.

3) Now you enter your keycode provided in the textbox.

4) Then you click Agree and Install. The installation process will begin and a massage will appear asking Do you want this app to make changes to your device.

5) You only need to click Yes. Here also you will find a small Webroot icon on your system tray.

Although these are the simple guidelines we make available for you, it is always beneficial for you to contact us directly. Our tech-support team will ensure you all necessary supporst in the entire installation process.

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