Viruses, worms, malware and spyware have been around since the internet was first conceived. When the internet was in its infancy, the foremost way to contract one of these nasty computer infections was through e-mail messages. With the advent of broadband technology, shareware, freeware and peer-to-peer networking, these infections are more prevalent than ever before. A computer can easily be infected by simply navigating through different websites without the operator even knowing that they are downloading an infectious program.

Many anti-virus companies such as McAfee, an anti-virus software protection giant, forecast and predict upcoming new viruses, worms and malware type of programs through their thorough knowledge and research of the industry in which they are dedicated to protect. Many anti-virus software protection companies such as McAfee even post these forecasted virus attacks on calendars that are located on their website. By doing this, the anti-virus software companies like McAfee keep their customers informed on upcoming attacks and by doing so, it places a confidence with the company that they are well aware of the viruses or worms and are working hard to prevent them from infection their customer’s computers.

If you use a computer, it’s susceptible to an attack. The viruses won’t differentiate the home computer from a company computer and will infect your system. Most home computers are easier for viruses to infiltrate due to the lack of virus knowledge with the average computer user. Companies have IT personnel that are knowledgeable in all aspects of network and computer administration to protect their sensitive computer systems.

These infections have many different methods to damage your computer. Some methods are very minimal, almost unnoticeable while others are of the most damaging variety and will completely shut-down your computer. Some viruses will simply slow your computer down while others will crash your system. E-mail spoofing is another form of a worm and will allow your information to be distributed to parts unknown while sending the same virus to everyone in your address book. The worst will erase the hard drive on your computer and overwrite protection programs so the security level will be reduced, which enables hackers to take over your computer.

Since computers are here to stay, and nobody wants to stop using their computers, the only path is to have a quality anti-virus program installed on your computer. This single program will help to dramatically reduce your chances of contracting these infections.

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