SEO Services

Your potential customers are looking for you, but your website doesn’t rank in the first page. You’re surely losing out in the competition.

Don’t worry! We’re here to improve your search engine ranking by implementing the best-in-class SEO techniques along with increasing visits and conversions from search engines.

Organic and Paid Search

At USA Techno Solutions, we help you build an organic as well as paid search strategy that effectively helps in driving traffic on your website and enhancing conversion rate on your digital platforms.

We find the best and most precise keywords to attract organic traffic. Our team of content experts smartly blend these keywords in content and help in driving more attention. At the same time, to increase the momentum in organic search rank, we complement our SEO techniques with effective AdWords or paid search campaign which further aid in improving brand awareness and scaling conversions.

Keyword Research and Analytics

When starting with any new SEO project or campaign, we first run a thorough audit of your content followed by a competitive analysis of keywords used and integrated in the site. This typically helps us in learning about the keywords which are currently ranking on Google, the ones that are lagging behind and those competitive keywords which you’ve probably missed.

To capitalize on the most valuable keywords, we integrate them in your existing content or create fresh pieces, then follow their position on search engines on a regular basis to understand exactly what content and copy is driving traffic (organic)on search engines.

Technical SEO

Google has its own stringent search engine optimization rules and regulations. It analyses your technical scorecard while evaluating your website’s rank on organic search. Here, our team of SEO experts conduct a thorough audit of your website, diagnose problems and find the right means and ways to improve your technical SEO. We then walk you through the entire process – each of the recommendation, so that you and your team can make necessary changes and help us increase traffic as well as search visibility of your site.

Local Search

If you’re running a local business and it has the potential to capitalize on a large amount of potential visitors in a specific geographic area, we’ll ideate and devise an SEO strategy that captures your audience.

We audit your website, discover the most effective keywords that can help enhance your local market ranking, and connect you with nearby customers via organic search and geo-targeted ads. Such techniques help us in ensuring that your desktop as well as mobile search marketing is delivered at exactly the right times and to the right audience.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a tool that works hand-in-hand with SEO. To be more precise, it’s the tool that drives SEO.

Here, our first and the foremost step is to learn more about your target audience by running a quick qualitative search on your website’s behavior, customer interviews, and a quantitative data analysis. Post this, we create a weekly or monthly content calendar that contains a list of topics and posts that we’d focus on. Then, we’ll track the performance of the content posted on various sites using analytics tools and deliver monthly reports. These reports typically help us in analyzing traffic, its sources and conversions generated throughout the time.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With the help of our research team, we effectively manage AdWords campaigns for our clients and offer them strong, SEO-enabled ad copies which aid in increasing conversions and awareness. Our diverse team of qualified writers and researchers include copywriters, MBA professionals and so on. They closely work to drive traffic to your website through content that’s effective, keyword-rich and delightful.