Symantec Discovers The New Lethal AnVi Virus

New malicious malware is constantly circulated throughout the Internet. Despite the frequency with which new programs are introduced, there are still the occasional programs that are so malicious it can still be a shocking reminder of how vulnerable we are unless properly protected. One such program is making its destructive rounds on the Internet now. It is a new form of retrovirus that damages more than just your computer- it can even take a toll on your finances.

The AnVi Virus was recently discovered by the software company Symantec. What Symantec has discovered is a particularly vicious variety of retrovirus that begins its path of destruction by disabling the legitimate security software already installed on your computer. Unfortunately, this new virus is easily picked up if you visit a Web site that has the software Trojan installed. Kevin Haley, director of security response at Symantec, reports that it’s commonly acquired when using peer to peer file transfer programs, encountering infected emails, or unknowingly stumbling on a Web site that has the Trojan.

He elaborated further on the details of the threat by telling TechNewsDaily, “It’s introduced a new twist. It uses the software’s own uninstall program. This is what makes this one different.”

When the virus takes over, you receive an informational message box on your screen, asking you to uninstall the perfectly legitimate antivirus programs installed on your computer. You are falsely informed that the software you have is “uncertified and will degrade the computer’s performance.” This is obviously incorrect, but has proven to be a convincing message to many users who have already fallen victim to this malicious program. When users fall for this scheme, they uninstall their legitimate antivirus software, leaving their computer completely defenseless against an attack by the AnVi Virus. Worse yet, you don’t actually have any choice about whether to install your legitimate software. Even if users merely close the window, the uninstaller of the antivirus still executes.

The process works like this: The malware attacks your Windows registry, finding and launching the uninstaller for your anti virus security software. Symantec reports that the AnVi antivirus knows just how to trick you. It goes after popular virus protection programs like Microsoft, AVG, Spyware Doctor, Zone Labs, and Symantec itself. It targets the top 10 antivirus programs especially.

Once your true antivirus program has been uninstalled, Haley reports, “You’re wide open to any other malware out there.”

What happens next is where the real problems begin. The retrovirus immediately begins connecting your computer to dangerous Web sites that will download the AnVi Antivirus onto your system. Once this horrible AnVi AntiVirus program is downloaded, it hits you with an installer window and tells you how you can take advantage of new fake antivirus software. Not only will you lose your real antivirus protection, but you’ll pay money for a bogus software that will leave your computer defenseless and continue to harm your computer in any way that it can.

Symantec warns computer users to be on the lookout for this new retrovirus, and to your antivirus software armed with the latest available updates. Be sure to read antivirus software reviews (you can check out our reviews of available anti virus products on the comparative chart above) to ensure that you have excellent virus protection for your system.

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