Visitors Using Internet Explorer And Google Chrome Attacked With Virus On Republican Website

Malicious Attack Puts Bachmann’s Web Visitors at Risk

Anyone who visited Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign website in the last few days are being urged to check their computers and laptops for viruses, as an alleged hacker gained entry to the site and attacked it with a virus that was likely spread to other users.

Visitors who used Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to visit Bachmann’s website may have infected their own computers with the virus, according to the lawmaker’s campaign manager, Gina Countryman. The virus has been removed by website developers and the site now is safe for anyone to visit. She noted that Bachmann and her entire campaign staff take the security of their website very seriously and are upset that their site was hacked with a virus. Because of the nature of the hacking incident, some web browsers are still flagging Bachmann’s site as being at risk, but Countryman assured that the virus has been completely eliminated from their site.

Countryman urges all Internet users, regardless of what sites they visit, to ensure they have the most up-to-date anti-virus software. This software should be updated frequently, at least once a year, and be able to detect viruses and wipe them clean from an infected hard drive. The cost of repairing a computer infected with a virus is far more expensive than the cost of installing and using the antivirus software. Countryman also cautioned web users to use extreme caution when visiting websites and to ensure the sites they are visiting are safe. Computer users can alter the settings on their Internet software to enhance their security. The Antivirus Help Center will be providing additional news and information on this story as it comes in from our sources.

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