Worm Virus Warning – Yahoo and Skype Messenger Hit Hard! Is Antivirus Software Outmatched?

This Virus has just been detected and already spreading very quickly via Yahoo messenger and Sype messenger. It has been identified as being very sophisticated says security firm Bkis on Friday.

This malware called “Skyhoo Worm” appears as an instant message through your Yahoo or Skype service and ask the user several different fictitious questions. For example you may see a prompt with a question titled “Does my hair look good?bad?perfect”  or “ My Printer is about to be thrown through a window if this pic won’t come out right. You see anything wrong with it?”Bkis mentions on their site.  They are doing what ever it take to lure the user in to click on the provided link.

The message links to a dangerous website and once engaged will begin to go after the infected users contact list, sending the malicious links. To the contacts receiving these links, they may appear to be downloads for image files. See below

These kinds of worms have historically caused us the most harm due to just how quickly they can spread. However, the main concern surrounding the Skyhoo Worm is its sophistication. We are early in the detection process but at the surface it appears that most antivirus software products are going to have their hands full with this one. Security firm Bkis is doing a great job in providing us with insightful news on their website. The  Antivirus Help Center will be providing news and updating the Skyhoo Worm on their site.

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